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Jazz Weekly, November 2018

George W. Harris - "These guys know how to have a good time!"


Jazz Monthly, October 2018


Scott Yanow - "Collectors who enjoy cool jazz will find much to savor on this CD."


All About Jazz, September 2018


Jack Bowers - "Octobop has added something new and exciting on No. 7—a hip and enthusiastic audience."


Jersey Jazz, October 2018


Joe Lang - "For their seventh album, the octet, OCTOBOP, decided to do a live recording.  Live @ Savanna Jazz (Octobop – 070-100) found the band assaying 16 tunes that covered a lot of territory.  While the band is based in celebrating the mid-sized groups that flourished on the West Coast scene in the 1950s, this album finds them stretching their horizons a bit to include some diverse originals from band members Jack Conway and Randy Smith, an Allman Brothers tune, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” and the theme from the Dick Clark television show, American Bandstand, “Bandstand Boogie.”  Still, the core of the musical message from Octobop recalls the music that originally inspired their formation about 20 years ago. Octobop members, reedman and leader Geoff Roach, guitarist Jack Conway, trumpeter Randy Smith and bassist Brian Brockhouse, have provided the wonderfully listenable arrangements that are well executed by the ensemble.  The band gets a sound that has the feeling of a larger band, while still at times giving the impression of intimacy normally associated with a smaller group.  Overall Octobop plays music that is well-conceived and executed, welcoming and just plain fun."

Chris Spector, Midwest Record, August 2018


OCTOBOP/Live @ Savanna Jazz:  The always engaging combo that knows how to kick it out like a big band fills the bill yet again.  Recorded live at a top Silicon Valley jazz club, all the right snap, crackle and pop is in the air as they mix their originals with war horses and not tip their hand which is which, especially since they expertly control the arrangements.  A real jazzbo dream date, the special sauce is flying as mightily as the good vibes as these cool school swingers heat up the night.  Well done.


Derrick Bang - Davis, CA Enterprise


West Coast Christmas


Steven Cerra - Jazz Profiles 2014

Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz, November 2013

OCTOBOP is a northern California octet that carries on a West Coast tradition of hip jazz bands that get a swinging big band sound out of a mid-sized group. Leader/saxophonist Geoff Roach, guitarist Jack Conway, bassist Brian Brockhouse and trumpeter/flugelhornist Randy Smith provide the appealing arrangements for the group that also includes saxophonist Eric Patience, trombonist John Schermer, drummer Michael Henning and vibist Rick Gray. The album is titled Out of Nowhere (Mystic Lane Productions – 060100). The program includes some familiar favorites like “Out of Nowhere,” “I’ll Take Romance,” “Charade,” “Beautiful Love” and “Baby Elephant Walk,” as well as eight jazz tunes from the likes of Steve Swallow, (“Bug in a Rug”), Gerry Mulligan, (“Lonesome Boulevard”), Paul Desmond (“Embarcadero”), Jack Conway (“Cars and Coffee”), Tadd Dameron (“Whatever Possessed Me?”), Teddy Edwards (“Sunset Eyes”), and Wayne Shorter (“El Goucho”). With each new release, these cats prove increasingly impressive. The charts are sophisticated yet accessible. The ensemble playing is tight, and the soli are consistently interesting. It sure would be nice to hear this band back in these climes, but economics probably preclude that from becoming a reality. You can however enjoy their recordings wherever you live, and Out of Nowhere is a good place to start. (

New Review of Out of Nowhere on All About Jazz by Jack Bowers

Reviews - Very Early

Octobop on All About Jazz

The Los Angeles Jazz Scene, March 2004

Of all the jazz styles to emerge since 1920, West Coast cool jazz has been (next to fusion) the critics, partly because it was based in Los Angeles rather than New York. Ever since it became overshadowed by hard bop by 1960, cool jazz has become almost extinct, living on only in the playing of some of its surviving practitioners and at Ken Poston's memorable jazz festivals. One can hear it played today by the Dave Pell Octet and the Phil Norman Tentet (though the latter group has modernized in recent times) but otherwise it mostly survives as a subtle influence rather than a separate style.

Octobop hopes to change all that. The Northern California-based octet's second release features four Gerry Mulligan pieces ("Rocker," "Walkin' Shoes," "Night Lights" and "Jeru") plus selections by Marty Paich, Bill Holman, Bud Shank, Shorty Rogers, Art Pepper, Dave Pell and Neal Hefti. The leader, Geoff Roach, adapted the majority of the arrangements for the group so these versions are not mere copies of the past. None of the musicians (which include Roach on baritone, alto and bass sax, trumpeter Randy Smith and Matt Kesner on reeds) are particularly well known but their solos are concise and meaningful, and the sound of the ensembles perfectly fit the style. The players have a real feel for the West Coast idiom.

This set, available from, is well worth checking out. 
-- Scott Yanow

Octobop - Night Lights 4/4
O's Notes: Octobop is an octet that has resurrected the cool West Coast jazz sound. The band has a warm brass section that really swings. It's big band sound in a smaller package - it allows each of the member to step forward. The title is a replication of one of Gerry Mulligan's albums and much of the music here was written and arranged by Gerry. It doesn't take long for you to start snapping your fingers or bobbing your head. The cool swing element is well rooted in each song.-- D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter

Octobop Does it Again -- new and improved.

With the introduction of Octobop's new CD, "Night Lights," leader Geoff Roach again leads his octet through a classy set of tunes that everyone will enjoy. The band has a full new sound with even better balance than on their first CD. It's a fresh approach to modern classic jazz. You won't be disappointed.

Most of the great arrangements were by Roach himself. "Girl Talk," textured and tasty, is a masterpiece. It's hard to believe that this old song could be so fresh once again.

Randy Smith on trumpet and flugelhorn contributes splendidly to the new sound. "Blue Mist" sparkles with Darrell Jefferson's muted trombone and Roach's bass sax. Vocalist Nancy Gilliland does a masterful job on the title track, a Gerry Mulligan composition.

Over 50 minutes of great music. It's what jazz is all about. It's a winner. 
-- Alan Scharf; co-creator of "Jazz at Massey Hall."

The emergence of a new voice in jazz is always a welcome event in the music, and the release of Geoff Roach's recording, is an event worth rejoicing. With a legitimate entry into the jazz world, and a much needed shot of very new blood in the straight ahead field. This disc is very impressive! The only thing missing is the wild roar of crowd approval. Do your best at home please. This beautiful CD comes to life in the hands of the very capable Geoff Roach, who can play both subtle and fiery. - Tim Price - Tim is a featured writer for Saxophone Journal and a Selmer Saxophone artist - visit Tim at

What people are saying about Octobop:

"Octobop captures the essence of California cool blended with a modern sensibility". - Ted Gioia - Author of West Coast Jazz and The History of Jazz.

"Your music is very lovable. Good ensemble playing as well. It's great that you are playing this music today." - Howard Rumsey, Leader, Lighthouse All Stars

"Octobop's music is infused with fire and seduction, delivered with good taste and freshness. Its ripened high-density swing feel is driven by genuine exuberance and appealing arrangements. A band to be dug!" - Dr. Herb Wong, Author and Educator

"Octobop's "Too Close for Comfort CD is a great one. If you like California, you'll love this CD. Cool as a cucumber. Buy it. Every CD should have a great recorded sound like this one. Wonderful presence. You know all the tunes. There are no obscure "original compositions" here. Everyone solos in this beautifully paced package. Excellent arrangements with just the right touch of humor. Bernie's Tune goes beyond Mulligan. The voicing is so comfortable with the refreshing vibes/guitar sound replacing the usual piano for a special added punch. You'll tap your foot from beginning to end, and back again." - Alan Scharf, Co-creator, Jazz at Massey Hall

"For lovers of the West Coast sound , and over here in the UK there are many as the sound seems to strike a chord with the European jazz listener, the arrival of a band like Octobop is like a breath of fresh air. This band recreates the sound of the West Coast of those glorious days of the 50's while still leaving there own individual mark on the music. Octobop's first CD 'Too Close For Comfort' will be welcomed by lovers of good West Coast music not only here in the UK, but world wide. For 'this' listener the tunes brought a smile to my face and that should be recommendation enough for others to go get a copy of the CD and see if it gives you as it did me that nostalgic feel for the good old days. Congratulations Octobop looking forward to the next release already." - Glyn Marsh, World Jazz Network, United Kingdom

"This eight-piece outfit makes you feel like you're starring in a personalized version of LA Confidential. Led by Bill Hazzard's vibes, they pursue a pleasing mix of swing and West Coast Cool that's closer to an update of Red Norvo's '40s pre-Cool band than Shorty Rogers' challenging, modernist swing. Close your eyes...the dish your dancing with makes you forget the trouble you're in for a few fleeting moments." - Review on Lycos

"It's easy to listen to Octobop. They put fun into west coast jazz" - Walt Johnson, lead trumpet player with Shorty Rogers and Frank Sinatra.

"This combo was led by baritone saxophonist Geoff Roach who played twelve themes from the 50s. Among them Art Pepper's "Minor Yours", Bud Shank's "Cotton Blossom", Dave Pell-Marty Paich's "Prom to Prom", and also four songs from Gerry Mulligan's pen: Rocker, Walkin' Shoes, Night Lights, and Jeru. Geoff Roach arranged beautifully "Walkin' Shoes" and "Night Lights". - Gerard Dugelay - Metz, France

Featured in the San Jose Mercury News - Jazz Perspectives by Reese Erlich -

We get e-mail:

"Night Lights arrived yesterday.....the covering was stripped off, placed in computer CD slot, and off we went to the races as I worked at my desk. Lovely, enchanting, lifted my spirits, got my foot tapping, and got me to sing along with the nice that was!"

"Received your CD "Night Lights" yesterday. It is a fine recording and I am enjoying it very much."

"Night Lights arrived today. It's wonderful. Reminds me so much of Miles/Mulligan/Rogers, but sounds so fresh and new."

"I went on Octobop web site and I discovered that this album seems very > interesting, four Mulligan songs and a lot of famous West coast themes. As "official researcher of Mulligan recordings", I would like to add your famous album at my collection"

"I was given a copy of Octobop's latest CD "Night Lights" as a gift and want to commend its cool, smooth sound. The ensemble has richer resonance than many jazz groups with eight (octo!) musicians comprising a powerful horn section sound, and also including vibes, guitar--and vocals on some of the tracks. The arrangements by band leader Geoff Roach are beautifully crafted, and Octobop delivers them in a modern style while retaining the character of the many great tunes which have become classics over the decades--shades of Mulligan, Shank, and Ellington. True professional jazz music culture from Silicon Valley!" - Review on

"Night Lights sounds wonderful. What a joy making this recording must have been."

"Let's start with the performance. As I listened, I was taken back to the early days of the birth of the "cool!" The material sounded as fresh now, as Miles, Mulligan and company played it then."

"How can we thank you enough for playing at our party! You were fabulous! Everyone was very impressed with your music."

"You have a very nice group. I know that it is a kick to work with a group that plays that much Be Bop."

"Wow. This is fantastic. Smooth, beautiful."

"Song forced my foot into this strange tapping motion."

"Updated Thin Man music. Makes me want a cocktail. Love it!"

"Some of the smoothest jazz i've heard on this's a candlelight song..."

"Reminded me of a night in autumn in the 1940's surrounded by art deco and Hollywood glamor. Nice work!"

"This is smooth, smokey stuff. Exciting and reserved - it doesn't get much better than this"

"I'm cuddled on the couch with hubby, sipping Champagne, the fire is crackling and the snow is blowin hard.. Yep, I'm RELAXIN!!!"

"Smooooooooth jazz with a big band line. This stuff would have been playing at Mama's if Peter Gunn had known the band. Kick back and groove."

"Man, I can smell the old cigar and brandy! Great feel, love this classic style. Bass player walks like crazy... Confident, inspired soloing."

I love it. It is relaxing without being boring. I would defenitely listen to it on my way home every day.

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